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Massage Therapy @ Winthrop Holistic Center

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Massage....The Benefits

....affects the body as a whole ....has been found to enhance & maintain health and well being ....counteracts the effects of stress ....decreases edema ....offers relief from pain ....decreases fatigue ....revitalizes the body & mind ....heightens body awareness ....strengthens immune system ....increases joint mobility ....assists with preparation of or recovery from over-exertion.

Massage....How to Receive

Because massage is not a common part of our contemporary cultural experience, many people do not get the most out of a massage because they lack the understanding of a few simple techniques...

The recipient's only job is to relax as completely as possible, allowing the body to become heavy and sink into the table

Breathe deeply as the therapists' hands locate areas of tension, consiously trying to let go and relax those areas

Talk, for the most part, is unnecassary. A great massage is the result of meditation between therapist and recipient

Feel free to give feedback if you would like something done differently or longer

The massage is for you, just lie there ~ be a rag doll ~ Do not try to be helpful

Simply receive, allow the therapist to move your limbs, she is trained professionally and knows what to do & will not hurt you

Close your eyes, see with your sense of touch

Feel your body both inside & out

Closing your eyes during the massage experience tends to bring your center of energy out of your head and into your body



Modesty and the highest regard for client confidentiality is always observed.

Cancellation notice as early as possible is appreciated.

Prenatal clients should discuss massage with their doctor prior to the massage.

Gift certificates are available and appropriate for all occasions.

Massage....Client Responsibilities

Arrive on time.

Complete the confidential medical intake form.

Inform therapist of any changes concerning physical, emotional or medical well being since last visit.

Communicate any concerns, dis-comfort or questions to the therapist as they arise.

Allow yourself to forget about the thoughts of the day and enjoy the massage during and after the session.