Wintdfsdfsdfdshrop Holistic Center & Natural Light-Natures Way
Natural Light ~ Natures Way, 24 Somerset Avenue, Winthrop, MASS. 02152 - 617.846.Lite (5483)

Natural Light ~ Natures Way. Natural Light Natures Way is a wonderful candle store, which you can find at 24 Somerset Avenue in Winthrop, Mass. All of the candles we carry have no perfume in them to make them strongly scented, so if you have an allergy to the perfumes in candles this is the place to come! Candles that we carry are soy wax based which means that they do not leave a black soot on the wall or on the sides of the jar. We also carry glass votive holders, votives, glass jar candles and jewelry. You can create your own gift basket or can buy a pre-made one. Natural Light Natures Way is a very relaxing store.

There is a new addition to the back of the store, which is Winthrop Holistic Center, which relocated from 113 Pauline Street. The owner of Winthrop Holistic is Theresa Merlino. She is a licensed massage therapist and has been doing this for about 10 years! If you would like more information on Winthrop Holistic Center please feel free to visit their web site @ or call and leave a message for Theresa at 617.539.5744 or email Theresa at

Written By:Anna, Age 11