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Infant Massage

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Infant Massage

An ancient tradition in many cultures, Infant Massage is being rediscovered in the west offering a new (yet old) way to comfort, nurture and communicate with newborns and infants.

Evidence shows that loving, nurturing touch between parent/caregiver and infant has a positive impact on development. This type of touch can not start soon enough.

Benefits of newborn and infant massage include:
  • Calms the Central Nervous System
  • Strengthens & regulates digestion, respiritory and      circulatory systems
  • Offers relief from colic & gas
  • Aids in relaxation from daily buildup of stress
  • Enhances early non-verbal communication
  • Helps the parent/caregiver feel more competent in      aiding baby
  • Teaches baby awareness of their body

  • Positive Touch

    Therapeutic "positive" touch benefits, for those little ones (preemies) starting life in the NICU, along with the ones listed above, include:
  • Descreases touch aversion
  • Creates a bond between parent/caregiver and      newborn
  • Can begin immediately after birth.

  • Positive Touch reaffirms parents' support and connection with their little ones.

    Initial newborn evaluation free of charge
    Infant up to 10 years ~ $30
    Children 11 - up to 14 years ~ $40

    Infant Massage Instruction ~ $60

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