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Ear Candling

Ear Candling

A natural holistic treatment, for young and old, that can help alleviate pain and pressure associated with sinusitis, swimmer's ear, ear aches, allergies, middle ear infections and vertigo.

Ear Candling ~ A Session (What to Expect)

An ear candling session involves the person lying on his or her side on a massage table. A disposable hollow candle, made from strips of linen dipped in parafin and essential oil, is inserted into your ear and lit. You may feel a warm sensation in your ear. As the candle burns down you should hear some cracking and popping sounds coming from the candle. This is normal ~ relax and enjoy the process.

The burning candle creates a gentle, soft flow of warmth and smoke that flows into the ear, drying the ear out, helping soften earwax, and helping soothe pain and discomfort. Ear candling acts as to help your ears clear out debris and earwax accumulated over many years. This material may contain evidence of past infections or pollen.

The process is very soothing, relaxing and non-invasive.

When the candling is completed, you might notice your hearing improves or your head feels lighter, especially if a blockage of wax has moved inside your ear. Your ear(s) could feel airy and more sensitive to subtle sounds and tones. You may experience a sense of "freshness".

Adults ~ 30 minutes/$30
Children ~ 15-20 minutes/$15

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